Dean's Message


The College of Administration and Economics at the University of Kufa, contains four departments: (Economics, Business Management, Accounting, and Banking & Finance). The College occupies an important position because it includes a selection of creators’ professors. Many of those professors were represented Iraq in several sectors, such as (officialbodies, international institutions, and parliament). Therefore, it is a pride to be the dean of this college; and in this regards, my target is to raise the college level of a maturity stage in all aspects. There is no doubt; it is needed to work hard and solidarity efforts. I am not the only one, but I am one in the team work; and what was to Allah will grow.

The job of the college’s dean that entrusted to, is commissioning to me. All that I wish to change what it managed in order to achieve the goals of our college. This will be completed throughout the following priorities:

1.      Reduce the administrative routine and foster a spirit of mutual respect.

2.      Developing and updating the education’s resources in the all departments.

3.      Activating programs for the faculty members’ development.

4.       Developing the administrative staff with modern programs and mechanics.

5.        Rehabilitation of classrooms and laboratories in the college.

6.       Openness to the community through activates the consultative office in the college.

7.        Focus on the media in order to disseminate all the scientific activities of the college to everyone.

8.       Attention to quality as the most important pillar of all the activities of the college.

9.       Focus on students and their needs to improve their academic performance; and activates the committees of educational guidance.

Finally, All appreciation and respect for the deans who have preceded me in this position. What has been achieved in this college was due to the accumulation of their accomplishments. Consequently, without their follow up, experiences, and sacrifices; the college cannot reach this remarkable level.  I ask Allah to bless them and save them.