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Dean’s word

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
The role of the university in the community is not overlooked and this role starts from the real coexistence of society at the local and international level through the serious and effective contribution to the development of these societies as witnessed by all and the role of the college through its quest to link with the external environment at a time when knowledge has become available to all Through modern means of communication and the fact that the world has become a small village a small village and communities overlapped with each other must keep up with knowledge and continuous training so that it reflects positively on the society in which we live
To this end our college and with the support of the presidency of the university over the stages of development through the modernization of academic programs to meet the requirements of the times of the adoption of international standards in the field of academic classification of international and local classification and continuous training of faculty members to study inside and outside Iraq The educational environment such as halls, laboratories, etc. in addition to keeping up with the external environment of the student represented by employers The faculty is making these efforts to see the example of its students to develop their scientific potential and make an effort to ensure further development in their communities to which they belong and live in the midst and to serve the public interest and our beloved country and God to pay and reconcile
Prof. Qasim Mohammed Al-Enezi      
               The Dean