Issued by theDepartment of Economics,a new publication. Publication titleis (the Guide of economic department :Faculty of Administration and Economics / University of Kufa)

staff of the department
The department includes scientific competencies to a high degree of qualification and experience, and consists of 17 lecturers, 7 of whom have professorship status, and 5 of them have a role of an assistant professor, and 3 of them have a title of teacher, and ...
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The department of Economics was established in 1992 within the faculty of Arts as the foundation of the Faculty of Management and Economics. The faculty then became independent the following year. This faculty is considered one of the featured faculties in the University of Kufa which the community aspires for it to take a leading role in scientific and research in the new Iraq.


The Department of Economics at the Faculty of Management and Economics University of Kufa today is considered a monument scientifically distinguished because of its important role and effect at the level of the faculty and university, and since the department had the human potential as a result of the availability of a distinguished cadre of professors with expertise and acclaimed at the level of Iraq,The availability of this cadre today who have a degree of professorship that rarely find its counterpart in similar faculties, as well as others who have different degrees.



1: About the Department of Economics


The Department of Economics has been established as the nucleus of the Faculty of Management and Economics, after it was affiliated to the Faculty of Arts in 1992, and the department aims to create specialized staff able to work in institutions of economic, social, and economic development of the scientific heritage through research and studies, as well as organizing seminars and economic conferences and forums that address issues of economic importance, present and future. The department offers a bachelor's degree in specialization, as well as a master's degree and doctorate in economic science


2:  department, mission and objectives


Vision of department

The Department of Economics seeks to develop the students’ knowledge of economics and develop the relationship with the community and the upgrading of it, through the development of specialized human cadres and those capable of serving the community and providing students with knowledge in the areas of economics.


Message of the department

The duty of the Department of Economics is to meet the labor market through the rehabilitation of students qualified academically and in a scientifically consistent manner in full conformity with the requirements of the labor market in a particular and direct way.

The fundamental functions of the Department of Economics on the three pillars are:

§  Educational process: providing an excellent learning environment for the students and equip them with science to improve their intellectual abilities and make them useful cadres in the community.

§  Research: Activate scientific research through the participation of faculty members and students in conducting economic research and the dissemination of knowledge to contribute to the development of the local community.

§  community service : to strengthen relations with the state departments benefiting from their jurisdiction by providing research , as well as holding seminars and scientific lectures inside and outside the department .


The objectives of the department

§  The student must be either in the upper or preliminary studies fully aware of the economic characteristics of our country, and the Arab world, and the whole world, because of the importance of the scientific and practical life.

§  Directing the student with scientific guidance based on the analysis and interpretation and the search for the causes and results of the student’s ability to be creative with their interpretation.

§  The scientific cadres in the department work on creating economic awareness among students with a positive reflection on the individual and society.

§  Upholding the values of humanity through the scientific concept of humanitarian and economic science.

§  The effective contribution with other sciences in addressing the problems facing the community

§  Enabling the student to understand how the optimal investment of natural resources and human resources.


§  Rehabilitation of the student in the use of scientific research methods and techniques in economic studies.