Laws and regulations

Student Services
Available at the university the following services 1. Electronic Calculator Center 2. Central Library 3. Sports stadiums, art galleries and other 4. Chapel 5. Online 6. Health center 7. Cafeteria 8. Cloning and imaging and printing 9. Center bookstore and stationery

Instructions discipline of students in institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
First - the student is committed to the following: First - compliance with laws and regulations and internal instructions and orders issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and its institutions ( university , body , faculty , institute ). Secondly - ...

Examination Rule
1 - A student carrying his identity inside the hall test scores and highlighted while the demand for him to do so. 2 - Are not allowed to enter any book or paper inside the exam hall. 3 - Triple student write his name as ...

Rights and privileges for students:
1 - Has demanded distant provinces and cities free housing in dormitories belonging to the University. 2 - Enjoy free education law student. 3 - The student gets on primary health care through the university clinic. 4 - The student has the right to obtain sick leave from
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