University Governance and University Values Article by Head of Tourism Department Dr. Bushra Mohammed Sami. A- University Governance

The concept of governance refers to the policies and procedures adopted by university administrations, in their respective fields of scientific activity, which are consistent with university standards and values, and with the prevailing laws and instructions and regulating scientific and educational activity and according to the standards of scientific sobriety, and accordingly there are approved and basic mechanisms for university governance, most notably:
1- Mission
2- Administrative guidance
3. Accountability
4- Independence
5. Participation
B- University Values
The university environment is an environment with societal privacy that is distinguished from other social environments by being an institutional setting based on science, knowledge and education, and therefore this privacy is supposed to be supported by government and society, and one of the university values that are supposed to be promoted and emphasized to adhere to:
1- Professional behavior
2- Ethical behavior
3- Respect for specialization
4- Scientific integrit

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