Department of Tourism

Vision of Department

Excellence and competition in the field of tourism education and training and the exchange of specialized and academic experiences to ensure contemporary tourism education.

Mission of Department

Providing the community with distinguished professionals in the field of tourism management and enhancing leadership skills that focus on the modern tourism industry through an exceptional student-centered experience based on the best modern research practices and best educational practices in the tourism industry.


Department goals

The department aims to achieve the following:

1- Excellence in tourism education.

2- Joint cooperation between students, graduates, the field of tourism and the community.

3- The application of tourism business within the characteristics and requirements of the hospitality and tourism industry.

4- Professional training to provide students with work and communication skills in the tourism sector.

5- Demonstrate a high level of service quality in various tourism sectors.

6- Analyzing problems using qualitative and quantitative tools facing the tourism sector.

7- Providing the tourism sector with specialized, scientifically and practically qualified human resources.


About the Department of Tourism

The department was established as a branch in (2008) affiliated to the Department of Business Administration and then became an independent department in (2014), and it aims to qualify cadres specialized in modern tourism management.

Course Description Program Department of Tourism 2023-2024

Curriculum Vitae For teachers of the Department of Tourism

The department’s scientific plan for the year 2021-2022

Description of the academic program for the Department of Tourism

Description of courses, fourth-stage subjects 2020-2021

Description of courses, third-stage subjects 2020-2021

Description of courses, second-stage subjects 2020-2021

Description of courses, first-stage subjects 2020-2021

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