Department of Accounting


The Accounting Department was established for the academic year 1996/ to serve the community and various state departments with accounting human resources, and the department grants bachelor’s and master’s degrees. It aims to:-

1- Preparing the student to meet the requirements and needs of the labor market in its various sectors.

2- Creating a conscious generation capable of confronting the phenomenon of administrative corruption.

3- Providing the student with the moral values ​​that are required to be adhered to when practicing functional work.

4- Active participation, along with other sciences, in serving the community and addressing the problems it faces.

5- Providing scientifically qualified cadres in the field of scientific and academic research

Providing consulting services to multiple parties.

6- Preparing professionally qualified cadres to deal with environmental problems and calculating their costs.

Vision of department :

Our vision stems from our knowledge of the requirements of society and the labor market, which needs such a specialization, which serves all sectors of the state, and that no institution in society is devoid of it, and for both the public and private sectors.

Message of department :

One of the main elements of the mission of the Accounting Department is to work to meet one of the most important goals on which the college is based, which is to qualify the student academically and scientifically in a way that is fully consistent with the requirements of the labor market in particular and directly. As well as working to provide a distinguished educational environment and for professors and teachers to carry out scientific research and provide services to the community by providing financial and accounting cadres and supplying them in various state departments.

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