Department of Economics

About the department

The Department of Economics was established as the nucleus of the College of Administration and Economics. It was affiliated to the College of Arts in 1992. The department aims to prepare cadres capable of working in economic institutions, developing the scientific and economic heritage through research and studies, and reforming e-mail of immediate and future economic importance. The department awards a bachelor’s degree in its specialization.

The department has high-quality scientific competencies from 17 teachers, including 7 of the professorial rank, 5 of the assistant professor rank, 3 of the teacher title holders, and 2 of the assistant teacher rank. And that 15 of them have a doctorate in economics

Vision of department

The Department of Economics seeks to develop the economic knowledge of the students of the department.. Develop the relationship with and advance through the report of specialized human cadres capable of serving the community and providing the student with knowledge in the fields of economics.

Message of department

Which makes him particularly and directly interested, which makes him interested in the economics department at work.

The basic foundation of the Department of Economics is based on three pillars:

– The educational process: Providing an excellent learning environment for students and arming them with knowledge to develop their intellectual level and abilities and make them useful cadres in society.

– Scientific Research: Activating scientific research through faculty members and students in economic research, economic research to contribute to the development of the local community.

– Community service: Consolidating relations with state departments benefiting from their specializations by presenting as well as holding seminars and scientific lectures outside the department.

goals of department

That the student, whether in the initial or upper stage, is fully aware of the human characteristics of our country, the Arab world, and the world because of its importance in scientific and practical life.

– Giving the student a direction he studies on the basis of analysis and interpretation.

– The scientific staff in the department works to create awareness among students that has a positive impact on the individual and society.

-The department works to consolidate human values.

Collectively a group of other sciences in addressing the problems facing society.

– Enable the student to understand optimal and average investment.

– Qualifying the student in the use of scientific research fires and its techniques in economic studies.

Academic Description Program with Courses, Department of Economics 2023-2024_compressed

Higher Diploma Program (Project evaluation and feasibility studies

Master’s Program (Economic sciences)

Master’s Program (Project evaluation and feasibility studies

PhD Program in Philosophy (Economic sciences)

Curriculum vitae of the department’s teachers

Syllabus 2019-2020

Links that contribute to teaching and learning

Department lectures

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