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The Department of Business Administration at the College of Administration and Economics, University of Kufa seeks to find an emotional link between management thought in the human and Islamic heritage in Iraq and the developments in the administration in the modern era by building a modern school of management thought based on the ancient historical roots mentioned above and fulfilling all that It is new in modern administrative systems in order to provide the Iraqi market with leaders and administrators who are able to advance the reality of management in private and public organizations in order to build a better future and arm them with everything that helps to reject the sick administrative thought that constitutes the realistic incubator of administrative and financial corruption.

     Ass. Prof. Dr. Haider Jassim Al-Jubouri

   Head of Business Administration Department

About the Department of Business Administration

   The department was established as a branch in 1993 to form with the Department of Economics a basis for the College of Administration and Economics, then became a department with the establishment of the college in 1993, and aims to qualify specialized administrative cadres that contribute to the management of state institutions and the private sector. The department grants certificates: Bachelor’s and Higher Diploma in my specialization (hospital management, strategic planning and local administration), Master’s in Business Administration and Hospital Administration, and Ph.D. in Business Administration.

Vision of Department

   The department looks forward to developing the characteristics and skills of managerial creativity among future business leaders in line with the needs of the labor market.

Mission of Department

   The department seeks to be a distinguished center in the process of teaching and learning, preparing research, providing specialized consultations in the field of business administration in order to prepare human capital with a high degree of efficiency to serve the Iraqi society and all humanity.

Department goals

The department aims to achieve the following:

1- Creating, acquiring, sharing and disseminating administrative knowledge.

2 – Developing the skills of faculty members and providing the latest scientific technologies in a way that positively affects the graduate and the educational process in order to achieve the quality of higher education.

3- Qualifying and developing professional administrative and leadership competencies capable of leading public and private organizations to contribute to economic development and achieving social justice in Iraq.

4- Providing preliminary academic programs to grant a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

5- Providing higher academic programs to grant a doctorate and a master’s degree in business administration and a higher diploma in hospital management, among others.

6- Providing courses for all state departments and in various specializations in order to advance the reality of those departments.

7- Support and encourage faculty members to attend conferences and scientific seminars and conduct studies and research in the field of business administration to develop this field and its professional practices.

8- Providing advisory services to Iraqi public and private organizations.

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