A female teacher from the Department of Business Administration participates in the work of the 9th International Conference of the University of Mosul

Within the scientific activities of the faculty’s professors, (Assistant Teacher Hiyam Hassan Zabar Al-Musawi) from the University of Kufa, College of Administration and Economics – Department of Business Administration, participated in the ninth international scientific conference held by the Regional Studies Center at the University of Mosul with the tagged research (Successful strategic leadership practices in achieving administrative creativity from his side). The view of senior leaders in Najaf governorate), as the researcher sheds light on the importance of successful strategic leadership practices and administrative creativity from the point of view of the senior administrative leadership in the governorate and knowing the relationship between the discovery and preservation of competencies and the role of senior management in promoting and activating effective competencies and discovering the underlying, which is reflected in the reality Administrative work and its advancement

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