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Dean’s word

In the name of of Allah the MercifulGod
said in the arbitrator of his noble book((God exalts those who believe from you, and those who have given knowledge by degrees, and God exalts in what you do))The master of humanity, the Messenger of God, may God bless him and his chosen family and companions, said: “The virtue of knowledge is better than the virtue of worship, and the best of your pious religion.”It was narrated on the authority of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (peace be upon him) that he said: ((Learn knowledge, for learning it is paradise, seek worship, and studying it is praise and searching for it is jihad, teaching it is charity, giving it to its family as a sacrifice, knowledge is the light of paradise, and anas of brutality, a friend in estrangement, and a companion in seclusion, And a sign of good fortune, aid for misfortune, an adornment at evacuation, and a weapon over the enemies, with which God raises a people to make them in goodness imams, emulate their actions, and protect their effects, and the prayers for them every wet and dry, and sea whales and their sleep, and the lions of righteousness and its cattle)) became and is still one science The basic principles of human knowledge, which have taken upon themselves progress and development to serve societies, to the educational wisdom that most peoples of the developed world seek, and has become the road map for the sustainability of civilization. Science is the means that achieves elevation and supremacy for those who seek it, and through it nations progress and reach the highest ranks, science is a competitive weapon in a time when ignorance is rampant and ignorance has become its management and methods for its promotion among societies in this difficult time falls on our shoulders considering our college as one of the scientific radiation platforms for its warrior Ignorance in all its forms, with knowledge, knowledge and wisdom, we achieve what we aim for and move forward, so the owner of knowledge contributes to the progress and development of his society, according to the philosophy of your capital is your knowledge, and your enemy is your ignorance. The goal and anticipating the future Therefore, the College of Administration and Economics is considered one of the main scientific platforms at the University of Kufa because of its promising scientific energies that are able to provide visions and effective solutions to the problems of society if given the opportunity. This college includes under its tent many holders of high scientific titles capable of spreading science and its zakat. Competencies in five departments (economics, administration, accounting, finance and banking, tourism)) and this college graduated thousands of students at the level of primary and higher studies (diploma, masters, and doctoral degrees) and there are future plans to simulate the labor market and what needs of outputs capable of keeping up with the environment Local, regional and international, This college has capabilities with strategic thinking and a strategic mind capable of adapting and adapting environmental factors to serve science and knowledge and build a society armed with the principles of science and characterized by strategic consideration to read the administrative and economic future, and we do not overlook or forget our pioneering role in creating an educated generation capable of managing itself through administrative capabilities. Analytical and economic economics that contribute to building the personality of the learner and providing a sound educational environment by using the triad of success (the educational body with high scientific titles, advanced teaching methods and curricula that imitate international curricula.And our leadership philosophy was and still is to apply servant and parental leadership in dealing with the children of our students because they are the basis of progress and builders of the future and parental interaction with the teaching staff and the functional staff supporting the educational sciences. From the standpoint of educational citizenship, which requires us to illuminate the blind and dark areas through the light of knowledge, killing simple ignorance and compound ignorance.
Prof. DrYoussef Hajim Sultan
Dean of the College