The College of Administration and Economics discusses (strategic leadership and its impact on sustaining of competitive advantage)

In the Faculty of Administration and Economics, University of Kufa, the research of the higher diploma to the researcher Ahmed Jalil Jihad, entitled with (strategic leadership and its impact on sustaining of competitive advantage), was discussed.
The research aims to detail the strategic leadership in its dimensions and its impact on the sustaining of competitive advantage, which was represented by three dimensions (innovation, flexibility, time)
The research found that there is a correlation and significance and positive influence between strategic leadership and sustaining competitive advantage.
The study recommended seeking to develop leadership working in the governorate office through the establishment of specialized courses and workshops related to the variables. And encourage the adoption of administrative policies aimed at developing aspects of innovation, flexibility and time management, as well as the importance of enhancing communication in the fields of knowledge between the Najaf Governorate office and research and practical institutions, especially the University of Kufa through held a joint work protocol to develop the capabilities and competencies of the various workers in the Najaf Governorate office.

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